Saint Mary's School Milton

St Mary's School Profile

St Mary's School, 7 Chaucer Street, Milton is an Integrated Primary School.

It is a Roman Catholic Primary School for boys and girls from Year 1 to Year 6, offering an education with a special character.

St Mary's Primary School is situated in the small town of Milton. The building consists of 4 attractive generous sized classrooms. There is a foyer and reception area, Principals office, four resource rooms, a well-resourced Library, a Medical room, and a Staff room.

This is complemented by a sizeable hard surfaced playing area, 3 tennis courts, large playing fields, a well developed adventure playground which includes a newly developed confidence course and proximity to and use of the Church and Parish Hall. The School has well established trees and grounds.

Strengths of the School include small class sizes in the junior area in the core curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy, early intervention programmes, high interest programmes, and high achievement is expected from the children. High expectations are fostered and a strong work ethos is promoted throughout the school.

Parents are proud of St Mary's School and take an active role in the life of the school. The School is perceived as having a warm, caring atmosphere, with excellent relationships and communications between home and school.

As well as the Board of Trustees, the Church community and the Home and School are actively supportive and loyal to the school.